At The Fork in the Road

This January 2020 Andy Chillman and The Chill Men featuring Jess Jones, release the highly anticipated new album, Fork in the Road


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The Chill Men featuring Jess Jones

Over the past 25 years I have played with some amazing Musicians, including my wife Jess Jones with whom I performed with for just under 15 years. After starting more than a handful of new bands over the years, I decided to go solo but with a little help from my friends, These are The Chill Men!!! Derek Turner, Mike ( The Birdman ) Bird, Adam Goodlet, Adam Plante and Johnny Humphries to name a few.

Members of Papa Fogal's Chair, Too Much Unsaid and The Birdstone Revival. 


The Birdstone Revival

In 2014 I met some fella's by the names of Johnny Humphries and Sam Bratina. We were digging frozen clay squares out back in Haldimand county. At the time I think they called us Archaeologists but when we hit those late nights at the Travelodge after a 12 hour shift, we called ourselves Musicians. We would jam all hours of the night and from that we created The Birdstone Revival!!!!


Too Much Unsaid

" It's just another day you have to smoke , drink and laugh

You play that Guitar as if its giving something back.

Your hung up on yourself because you never have no cash

and still today you wonder why you've chosen music over math"

Gypsy Folk they called us. For the second and third time in my life I decided to spend months living in a van and playing as much Music as possible. Touring Western Canada a few times gave me a greater appreciation for the term , starving artist.


Papa Fogal's Chair

" What keeps this from falling into the kind of monotony endemic to the genre is a nicely tuned sense of dynamics, a firm grasp on penetrating sledgehammer riffs and the ability to relentlessly drive those riffs into the pavement."   Bob Klanac

I have been writing and playing Music for over 30 years, there is no way out at this point. The Music has always been heavy, no matter how it sounds.


Spit Sulfur Sinister

Punk Metal Folk Blues


2016 Jack Richardson Music Awards Folk Nominee


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